Kids Up Party Packages

Up To 8 Kids

Party Package

Weekdays: $149

Weekends: $209

Additional Child $10ea

Reservation Request

Up To 16 Kids

Party Package

Weekdays: $219

Weekends: $249

Additional Child $10ea

Reservation Request

Up To 27 Kids

Party Package

Weekdays: $259

Weekends: $299

Additional Child $10ea

Reservation Request

Private Party

Party Package

Up To 16 Kids: $339

Up To 27 Kids: $379

Additional Child $12ea

Reservation Request

Daily Admissions

2 Years and Under: $6

3 Years and Older: $9



  • 80 minutes of playtime & 40 minutes in a party room
  • Party coordinators assistance
  • Paper products / silverware & one Caprisun per child
  • Dance party with one of Kids Up Mascots
  • Invitations

Additional Food Options for party packages?

  • 30pcs Chicken Nuggets– $13.99(Feeds about 6~8 kids)
  • 16pcs Chicken Tenders–$12.99(Feeds about 6~8 kids)
  • French Fries–(S)$2.99 (L)$4.99





  • One-Topping: $13.99
  • Up to Three-Topping: $17.99
  • Ice Cream Cups:
  • Vanilla or Chocolate: $0.95 each


  • 12 for $10
  • 26 for $20
  • Goody Bags: $5 each
  • Bring your own cake cutter and candles.
  • No ice cream cake or unregulated food or drink.
  • Private parties are after business hours only.


  • 80 minutes of Playtime
  • 40 minutes in the Party Room
  • Socks are required for both Children AND Adults!
  • No shoes are allowed in the ARENA (SOCKS ONLY!)
  1. We often have a party before and after your party. The party room may not be accessible until after 80 minutes of playtime.
  2. You are welcome to bring your own decorations, balloons and goody bags. However, please note that you are not allowed to decorate a room before those 80 minutes of playtime. Additional cleaning fees may be assessed for hard to clean decorations you bring in.
  3. You must bring your own cake (no ice cream cake), candles and cake knife. No outside food permitted other than what has been specified. I.e. Vegetable tray, fruit tray, or individual bottled water and soda. (No cans, 2 liters, jugs, or cups). We check all items that enter the facility and have the right to prohibit and hold certain items from leaving the front desk.
  4. The time in the party room is limited to 40 minutes with no exceptions. So, please consider the time you will need to take everything out of the room. The party coordinator must have time to clean and prepare the room for the next party as soon as possible.
  5. No personal belongings should be left in the play area when you move into the party room. Also, at this time every single one of your party guests should be in the party room.
  6. Once your party ends, you and your guests are more than welcome to stay and continue playing. Before doing so, please be sure to gather your belongings and move them into your vehicle.
  7. Keep in mind that if certain guest are late and arrive once your party has ended, they will not be allowed in until they pay admission fees.